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Cette page est un espace d’échange avec les adolescents, nous discutons, débattons de sujets variés en cours et ensuite, chacun peut s’exprimer à l’écrit et répondre aux autres grâce aux commentaires. Cet espace permet de donner de l’importance à l’expression écrite, la prise de position et l’acceptation du point de vue de l’autre.

Good manners versus Bad manners

I think that good manners are essential if you want to succeed in life. What are your thoughts?

Binge watching

It goes without saying that, though it is extremely enjoyable to be glued to the screen, there is still no comparison between the benefits of a real marathon and the marathon sessions of TV series that we watch.

Tatoos and piercings

I think it can be beautiful if it’s not too visible and if it’s discreet. People should think carefully before having tattoos and piercings because they can regret it and it will look terrible when we are old. Besides, having face tattoos or a lot of piercings on the face can limit your job opportunities, especially if you want to be an actor, a doctor or a teacher because it is not socially acceptable. Some tattoos can be considered a sign of protest and people will not trust you and you will not be taken seriously and probably judged on your appearance. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover because appearance is not more important than your skills, your personality and experience.

13 thoughts on “L’ espace “teens”

  1. I quite agree with you. It’s right that having tattoos can limit job opportunities but it can also open doors. For example, in the cinema industry, film directors are looking for actors or actresses with piercings and tattoos. Today, there are lot of people who have tattoos and piercings and it’s not a problem in our society. Appearance doesn’t matter, people are free to do what they want. In the middle ages, physical appearance was very important and in our society it’s less important. The society has evolved and I think it’s a good thing to accept people’s tastes and individuality.


  2. I totally agree with you, indeed, I think it’s good to remind us this, because a lot people still think that people with tattoos or piercings are against the society and absolutely want to be different from others (it’s possible but some people think it’s bad). It’s sad that the society thinks so but as long as we feel good, I think that we should not take others into consideration seriously.


  3. “Tattoos and piercings make it difficult to get a job” – That’s ridiculous! That’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard! I want to do whatever I want and look the way I want and if other people can’t take it, too bad. It’s my right to do whatever I want, and people should, no, people MUST hire me no matter what I look like! You guys are clearly close-minded without a speck of creativity. Boring! And who cares what you think?!?!


    1. I thought the same as you before but now I have understood that it’s not possible to write this way because you can think whatever you want but you have to control your language. You have to realise that the words you use are insulting and inappropriate. Freedom of speech is about expressing yourself in a respectful way.
      Besides, I don’t agree with the idea of being obliged to be hired because you depend on others to live today’s society.


      1. “Tattoos and piercings make it difficult to get a job” – I don’t share your point of view and I think that it’s not true. I want to do whatever I want and look the way I want and if other people can’t take it, too bad (dommage). It’s my right to do whatever I want, and people shouldn’t judge my appearance when I look for a job. If you employ a person based on his / her appearance it is a form of discrimination, just like the colour. It’s not because you have a tattoo that you are not fitted for the job (correspond au boulot). Being different is a good thing and there is always something to learn from others. It’s important to be open-minded in today’s society.


  4. It’s fine to have a tattoo but it depends what kind of tattoo you have. It shouldn’t be inappropriate. It also depends on where you have it. For example, it’s okay to have it on the arm, back, high on the hip or other places that are sometimes covered. It’s not so good to have them on the head, face or if they entirely cover your hands.


  5. binge watching

    I agree with you because when we are binge watching series, we tend to eat food and a lot of people eat junk food. Consequently, you can gain weight easily and you don’t practise enough physical activity. Besides, binge watching can lead to problems such as fatigue, stress and depression.


  6. binge watching

    I don’t totally agree with you because, first, not everyone is able to do a real marathon. However, it’s true that it’s extremely enjoyable to be glued to the screen and also do activities like sports because it frees our mind. Moreover, I don’t very like a marathon sessions of TV series because I’m suffering from migraine so, it allows me not to watch too much. We can say it’s an advantage ! 


  7. good manners and bad manners

    For me, good manners are essential if you want to succeed in life because sometimes it can cost you a job or miss a great opportunity in your professional life. Indeed, we can take for example a job interview. During your interview it’s very important to behave correctly, that is to say, be polite, respectful and not interrupt. This interview is very important, it’s the first impression that matters and the way we behave with an employer. On a date, on the other hand, it depends on the level of bad behaviour, for some people it can make you laugh, however, for others it can create a barrier and make communication difficult.


  8. binge watching

    you’re lucky to have headache after watching too much series. I’m addicted to series and now I find it difficult to quit and get back to a normal life. I haven’t seen friends for a long time and now I feel isolated. I think that binge watching a serious issue among teenagers and more should be done to warn them against this dangerous practise. I advise teenagers to watch series only on the weekend, with friends or family. However, the positive thing about binge watching is that you can really improve your English by watching series in original version. So, watch series with moderation, set a timer and organise outdoor activities to balance screen time with social time!


  9. I think screens take far too much time in our day. I agree to take a little time for myself and watch one episode a day of this series, but to stay there for hours, no way! All the time we spend in front of our screens could be better spent doing sports or working.


  10. I like to binge watch because I’m very impatient, but when I finish the series I like to go back and watch the episodes that I liked again. I sometimes get headaches too, which I don’t like, so I stop watching and go to bed if it is nighttime or I go outside and mess around on my scooter.

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  11. I don’t think we can classify good and bad manners. For example, if your girlfriend doesn’t say thank you or please, it can be acceptable but if she eats with her fingers, it can be weird. There are no limits because you are in love so you can accept some bad manners. I think that good manners and bad manners are different for everybody and it’s very personal and cultural. For example, in Japan if you want to say that the food is good, you make noise with your mouth when eating. Making noise with your mouth in France will be considered a bad manner. Each culture has different codes and manners. Besides, good manners are taught by parents and teachers so if you come from a low-educated family, you may not have acquired good manners. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that this person is not valuable, intelligent and skilled.


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